International Experts Notice Post-Soviet Trends in Ukrainian Religious Situation

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fylypovych_konf.jpgexklusiv.gifSumming up the results of the 15th international conference Freedom of Religion and Democracy: Old and New Challenges which took place in Kyiv, Professor Liudmyla Filipovych said that “international experts in religious freedom list Ukraine among 'safe' countries. It falls in with such countries as the USA, Canada, and countries of Western Europe where there is the least number of restrictions for a person to chose one's religion, to practice one or another system of values individually or in a community, to perform ceremonies, to carry out missionary work, to share their faith, etc.

“Despite Ukraine having such a high ranking in the rating of religious freedom, we cannot assume that all issues are solved positively,” Filipovych said during the web conference (in Ukrainian).

“The believers who suffer from discrimination and religious organizations identify many problems,” she notes. “Threats to religious freedom always existed, but today there are signs that Ukraine may be moved to another [lower] group in the rating of religious freedom. There are dangers to religious freedom and democracy because of changes in the Ukrainian political situation.”

"Experts noted that Ukraine is sliding towards totalitarianism, warning that it will lead to chaos in the religious sphere and to the confrontation between believers of different denominations," summarizes Filipovych.

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