ATO soldiers undergo rehabilitation in a monastery of UGCC

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About 30 participants of ATO and their family members have had an opportunity to recover spiritually, psychologically and physically in the Convent of the Most Holy Family of the UGCC in the village of Goshiv, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, during a week, according to the website of the UGCC.


“The daily Liturgy and other prayers have given rehabilitants the experience of communicating with God, some of the newcomers have experienced it for the first time. In the course of rehabilitation, two priests were constantly present. Their spiritual instruction is closely linked with the experience received by soldiers in the ATO zone, and their wives, waiting them home, as well as the difficulties faced by the family after the return of the soldiers,” reports the website of the UGCC. “Equally important was the work of psychologists. In tandem with the priests, they worked on the main difficulties faced by a soldier and his family: stress, anger, anxiety, trauma, problems and conflicts in the family. In the group, the participants shared their pain and difficulties which were understood and accepted in this community, as well as learned techniques and skills for how to cope with challenges and psychological problems. The soldiers also recovered physically, all of them received a massage course and got useful advice on physical rehab, they visited thermal waters in Beregovo.”

Sharing their impressions at the end of rehab, many of the participants said that they could see their life in a new perspective, and everyone was able to derive benefits for themselves.

The tradition of rehabilitation of the military and their families in Monastery of Goshiv has lasted for two and a half years. The 22nd course of rehabilitation has already been completed.

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    • | 11 December 2018, 19:28

      Р. Р. S. Вот единственное что мне не очень понятно и не нравится, так это - заметный ПОЛОНОФИЛЬСКИЙ крен в рядах и служении РКЦвУ. Тем более, что там, как хорошо известно, среди рядового священства и

    • | 11 December 2018, 19:06

      Р. S. Cказанное здесь мною вовсе не означает, что я, дескать, ратую против существования и служения в современной независимой Украине Церквей римо- и греко-католиков. Никак нет! ----- Более того: я

    • В. Ясеневий | 11 December 2018, 17:25

      Ну а що доброго може рекомендувати і бажати найлютіший ворог УКРАЇНИ???!!!Лучше быть истинными ХРИСТИАНАМИ!!! Но безбожнику михаилу этого не понять...Он же ж верит только КИРИЛЛУ, ПУТИНУ , кремлю и

    • | 11 December 2018, 15:26

      Между прочим, такие вот попытки - принудительно превратить всех православных Украины и Белоруси в "католиков" уже были в прошлои! В т. ч. и путём заключения, в частности, Берестейской унии

    • Михаил | 11 December 2018, 14:53

      Зачем связываться с неадекватным Варфоломеем, проводить сомнительный "собор", опять иметь проблемы с признанием в Мировом Православии? Лучше переходить в УГКЦ, а ещё лучше становиться

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