Distinction of Blessed Omelian Kovch conferred in Kyiv today

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On Wednesday, 28 October, at 17 AM, the award of the blessed martyr Omelian Kovch - Greek Catholic priest, a follower of Metropolitan Sheptytsky, will be conferred for the fifth time in i Kyiv City Teacher's House, Kyiv.

The laureates of the prize of 2015 are:

“International Solidarity Fund" (Poland) - an NGO that was one of the main organizers of Polish humanitarian aid to the people who got wounded on Maidan and to Ukrainian military servicemen.

Yuliana and Markko Suprun (Canada-Ukraine) – philanthropists, founders of "Patriots’ protection" project, which helped cadets of military schools and tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to get trained in medical care provision on the battlefield and obtain a personal kit.

“Friends of Ukraine in Israel"” (Israel) – a charitable organization that has provided strong support to Ukrainian soldiers, wounded, orphanages and refugees, organized the training of Ukrainian surgeons in hospitals in Israel.

Priest Vasyl Ivanyuk (Ukraine) – Dean of the UGCC Kramatorsk Deanery, converts people in Donetsk region to Christianity and Ukrainian values. Organizes assistance to Ukrainian soldiers, refugees, children with disabilities.

Klavdia Polischuk (Ukraine) –a 93-year-old woman from Kyiv who donated her savings for the treatment of wounded soldiers.

According to Gazeta. ua, participating in the event will be the prize winners, Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk), UGCC Archbishop Emeritus Lubomyr (Husar), Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Culture Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, Head of the Committee for Commemoration of the blessed martyr Omelian Kovch Ivan Vasyunyk and other Committee members: UGCC Bishop Bohdan (Dziurakh), Adam Rotfeld, Father Stefan Batrukh, Alexander Bohutskyy, Myroslav Marynovych, Volodymyr Serhiychuk, Danylo Lubkivskyy,MykolaKmit, Myroslav Senyk.

The distinction of Omelian Kovch is awarded annually for a significant contribution to the ecumenical dialogue, dialogue between cultures and peoples, interreligious and interethnic understanding, charitable activities, personal life example of sacrifice and humanism.

During the event, the documentary entitled “Pastor of Majdanek” about the life of Omelian Kovch wil be demonstrated, and National Ensemble of Soloists “Kyiv Camerata” will perform.

Before the awards presentation at 16:00, the grand opening of a memorial bas-relief to Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky will take place. The events will be heldwithin the framework of the week of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky in Kyiv.

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    • humenyuk.vasyl | 20 November 2018, 15:48

      Шановна редакціє RISU, а для чого Ви терпите на своїй сторінці МИХАИЛ,а?

    • Михаил | 20 November 2018, 02:17

      Блажен муж иже не иде на совет нечестивых!

    • velovs@ukr.net | 19 November 2018, 14:26

      Р. S. УТОЧНЕННЯ. Українською мовою більш правильно вимовляється і пишеться, як "Рух ВІДНОВИ у Святому Дусі".

    • velovs@ukr.net | 19 November 2018, 07:54

      Разом з тим нині Боже Провидіння - у різний спосіб - потужно й благодатно діє в КЦ. Так, скажімо, лише тільки "Рух обнови у Святому Дусі" наразі об'єднує, щонайменше, від 160 до 180 млн.

    • velovs@ukr.net | 18 November 2018, 18:41

      Та нерідко у Ватикані МОВЧАТЬ не лише з приводу тих чи тих - ЗОВНІШНІХ подій, трагедій і геноцидних катастроф. А й часто-густо з приводу своїх - уже суто ВНУТРІШНІХ і, зокрема, дуже прикрих і

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