Lviv residents may buy 12 dishes for Christmas Eve and become sponsor

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Charity Organization Walnut House Foundation invites you to join the initiative "Share the Christmas Meal" campaign. The idea is simple - you buy for your family a set of 12 dishes for 10 people on Christmas Eve and forget about cooking. Half of the money from each sold meal of Walnut House is aimed at helping people in need, the press service of Walnut House Foundation has reported.

“This year, our goal is to provide meals for 750 adolescents from the 30th penal colony in Lviv this evening,” says Galina Onyshko, co-founder of the Walnut House Foundation. “In 2017, we got involved in the preparation of the Christmas meal for 500 homeless people during the event organized by the Community Emmaus-Oselya and at the center of the accounting and night-stay of homeless people. We also held a similar action on Easter, where they called people to share the Easter basket. Then 65 low-income families from Lviv received grocery sets for holidays. This year we have set ourselves an ambitious goal – to provide food for 750 prisoners on our own, so we hope that the residents of Lviv will respond to our call to share good things.”

The cost of a set is 2000 UAH, 1000 UAH of each sold dinner are allocated by the Walnut House for charity. You can order dinner till January 3 (inclusive) by link or phone +38 (068) 655-65-67.

12-course menu for 10 people that offers the Walnut House on Christmas Eve:

- Kutya 700 g

- borsch with pierogies 3l

- carp stewed with vegetables 2kg

- varenyky with potatoes and cabbage 800g

- blueberries with rice and mushrooms 1kg

- cabbage stewed 800g

- mushroom gravy 800g

- vinaigrette 1kg

- pickled herring 1kg

- beans with tomatoes 1kg

- baked apple 10pcs.

- Uzvar 2l


The Walnut House works on the model of social entrepreneurship: 40% of its profit is allocated to fund social services. The business components of the Walnut House are the bakery, catering, and a dining room. The social component is to help women who are in a crisis situation.


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    • | 24 January 2018, 08:41

      Суб'єктивно й, притому, дуже ЩИРО Папа Франциск прагне й стрімить побудувати значно кращий, справедливіший і гуманніший світ. Причому, саме на ЄВАНГЕЛЬСЬКИХ морально-етичних і соціальних принципах і

    • | 23 January 2018, 17:16

      "«Тільки якщо всі гравці в економіці приймуть це тверде рішення, ми зможемо сподіватися на розворот в інший бік долі нашого світу», - заявив у вівторок, 23 січня, Франциск." ---------------

    • Магадан | 22 January 2018, 14:26

      Я бігло прочитав статтю, тому не помітив його нагороди, але хочу звернути увагу на дивні висловлювання "Гордійчук зазначив, що церкви Московського Патріархату для нього є структурою ФСБ

    • Петров Василий | 21 January 2018, 10:38

      Т.о. КАННИБАЛЫ в рясах пусть символически, но тем самым дают людям пить человеческую кровь и есть человечину, превращая их в таких же КАННИБАЛОВ как и они сами!!!! Иными словами, т.н. христиане

    • Петров Василий | 21 January 2018, 10:28

      Смысл этого варварского т.н. христианского а на самом деле не иначе чем еврейско-сатанинского КАНИБАЛЛИСТИЧЕСКОГО культа состот в том, что евреи совершили ритуальное распятие Христа и в свою очередь

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