Protestants open already the 40th family-type children's home

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Recently, in Kherson, a local religious community of Protestants, supported by the German charity foundation, has already opened the fortieth family type children’s home in Ukraine - on 49th Guards Division street, 30-A, reports “Religion in Ukraine” citing and

The German Charity Foundation “Bridge of Life”, together with the churches of the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Golgotha ​​and the Church of the Christians, built and provided housing for a family-type orphanage built on the basis of the Vasyliev family and the Nesteruki family of caregivers. These homes will house children left without parental care, but now they are raised in these foster families.

Waldemar Schroeder, the foundation director, said, speaking to the participants of the event, who gathered to congratulate the happy families: “These already the 39th and 40th houses built by the foundation in Ukraine. The church fosters a healthy family, cares for children to grow up in a family environment, to have an example of a good family, to be educated by worthy citizens of their state and the kingdom of God.”

Olena Mikheeva, the head of the department for children of the regional state administration, who participated in this event, thanked the foundation director, Waldemar Schroeder, and, in his person, all employees of the foundation for fruitful work and love for children.

A two-storey mansion, erected from scratch, is located next to the temple “Churches of Christians of Kherson”. Spouses Mykola and Olga Nesteruk, who take care of the family-type children’s home, are the parishioners of this very church. In a family that has already settled in a new home, there 16 children - 6 of their own and 10 adoptive children. The couple adopted the fist children in 2007, having moved to Kherson from Mykolayiv.

“In the church we came to, there were already children and they were looking for parents. We responded to this call, and so it happened that they became 8 children richer at once,” recalls Mykola Nesteruk, the head of the family-type children’s home.

By that time the Nesteruks had already two own children, but today they are six. Although the family do not divide the children into their own and not own, not even a few acquaintances ever know who is adopted in Nesteruks family. That is why older children who are already 18 years old do not want to leave their family. Well, and soon it will become even more, because Olga Nesteruk is pregnant again.

Until recently, the family lived in the church, on the second floor of the building. The children make no secret: they like more a separate house, in which there are 9 bedrooms and 6 toilet rooms. The children distributed the rooms already when their spacious house was being built, and now they have moved in.

In the middle of the mansion everything is done with a modern approach and taste. Minimalism and functionality prevail in the interior. Happy boys and girls promise to clean up in their rooms independently.

On the day of the blessing of the house for the family, Mykola and Olga arranged an open door reception in their new home: let everyone come and make sure that one should adopt children, because there are no somebody else's children.

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