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For many years, long before the holiday of Nicholas, the Maltese Aid Service starts the traditional action “St. Nicholas comes to orphans.”

The purpose of the action is to prepare gifts for children and orphans residing in orphanages and orphanages in Ivano-Frankivsk and the region until the day of St. Nicholas, as well as providing them with essential things. This is reported by the correspondent of RISU Natalya Paliy.


“Everything starts at the time when children in boarding schools write letters to St. Nicholas, which later come to our office," says Roman Yaruchik, head of the Maltese Aid Service of Ivano-Frankivsk. “In their letters, the children write not only the dreamed-up gifts, which they would like to receive, but also tell about themselves, their preferences, dreams and special abilities. They write, of course, both about the pain and the lack of it. From these letters, you can learn a lot about the kids and give them a little joy, warmth and happiness.”

According to Roman Yaruchik, a letter to St. Nicholas can be obtained at the premises of the Maltese Assistance Service at the following address: 1 Lesia Ukrainka, str (opposite the Cathedral Cathedral). Also, here in detail the best way to realize the childhood dream. "Do not worry, if you cannot help St. Nicholas to fulfill all children's requests,” he says. “We urge you to approach them creatively and with understanding. We do not need too expensive gifts, it is better to buy things that, in your opinion, will be useful. We also encourage you to write some beautiful words to your child, as a response from St. Nicholas.”

Sufficient time is allocated to prepare the gift. Festive-packed gift must be brought to the office of the Maltese Aid Service until December 8th. During the holiday of St Nicholas during the solemn event, every child from twenty orphanages, shelters or boarding schools receives his personal present from the hands of St. Nicholas.

Maltese people emphasize that it is still possible to help St. Nicholas - to pray for children and not be indifferent to their problems, to become a volunteer of the Maltese Helpdesk, to buy clothes, footwear, books, school supplies, hygiene products, games, entertainment, sports equipment, etc. , place a donation bag in your store, pharmacy, cafe, etc., join the group “St. Nicholas goes to orphans” in social networks and invite friends, provide transport support, make a donation at the office of the Maltese Aid Service or in Maltese money boxes, transfer funds to the account of the Maltese Cross, visit the orphanage personally.

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    • AlexP | 16 October 2018, 11:30

      Так это с благословенным праведным НОЕМ - завет был такой. А ты тут при чём? При чём вы все тут - грешники и плеватели на Бога? Что значит "ложное"? Я тут на RISU который год ужЕ, вот

    • Стефан | 16 October 2018, 10:47

      Патриарх Варфоломей твёрд в истине и правде по Учению Христа. Возводящие хулу на него самоосуждаются.

    • | 16 October 2018, 10:33

      Хотя, с другой стороны, очень многие - весьма характерные и красноречивые события и знамения в окружающем мире наводят на ясное понимание той неотвратимой реальности, что мы, скорее всего,

    • | 16 October 2018, 10:19

      "Посему будет так - Так говорит Господь: через 7 лет будет потоп-наводнение. Высота воды 100-200 метров. Чтящий Библию да спасётся. Аминь." ---------- А между тем все, кто ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО

    • Михаил | 16 October 2018, 00:21

      Три древнейших Патриархата, Александрийский, Антиохийский и Иерусалимский, и даже Первый Патриархат (до разделения 1054 года) Святого Рима, категорически не поддерживают своеволие и превышение власти

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