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RISU editorialboard invites its readers to participate in fundraising for the soldiers in the ​​ATO are and those who stay on the borderline with occupied Crimea. RISU reporter Tetiana Mukhomorova is to coordinate the fundraising.

 Having visited military units in Kherson, since AprilTetianahas been collecting aid for soldiers. At first she did it on commanders’ personal requestsfor which the money was raised individually among friends, and the things were delivered by local chaplains.

Later the newly formed Department of charity and social service of the UOC-KP joined the cause and our Tetiana became its volunteer. This made it possible to send more aid to the East, and start cooperation with the volunteers who receive the children of IDPs in Kyiv and other areas.

The bulk of the aid comes to the 30th separate mechanized brigade from Novohrad-Volynskyy, which at first stayed on the “borderline” with Crimea, and nowadays has stayed for several months in the East. In addition, the aid is allotted to volunteer battalions, and local residents of the eastern cities that have returned to their homes.You can find all the information and ask questions on the website of the Department ( or on the organization’s page on Facebook ( There the information on the amounts spent is also presented.

Each hryvnia is additional military assistance. The funds are collected at Tetiana Mukhomorova’s card account at Privat-Bank: 5211 5374 4567 4166

Be sure to remember every day in your prayers those who defend our peace and quiet!

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  • Михаил | 20 January 2020, 21:32

    Читаешь вас и ужасаешься! Жонглируете цифрами - 7 млн., 4 млн., 4-5 млн., 8-10 или 15 млн.! Вам что, гибель 4 млн. менее важна и страшна, чем гибель 7 или 15 млн.! Бухгалтера несчастные, сидят

  • bopa | 20 January 2020, 21:17

    Буде можливість у Президента України переконати у цьому очільників Ізраелю і РФ-ії!

  • | 20 January 2020, 11:25

    "Від штучного голоду в Україні в 1932-1933 роках померли понад 7 млн людей." ------- Існують досить різні оцінки, скільки саме тоді загинуло в Україні людей внаслідок цього

  • | 17 January 2020, 18:36

    Так що: СОДОМИТСТВО - це таки ГРІХ?! :)

  • fedirtsiv | 17 January 2020, 13:26

    Відомо, що в РПЦ та УПЦ МП століттями практикується педофілія. І сам Агафангел далеко не ангел. А церковників покривають рекетири-бандити. Хто буде нарешті визнавати свої численні гріхи, щиросердно

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