Christians around the world unite today in Our Father's Prayer to stop the рandemic

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Today, on March 25, at 1 pm Kyiv time, Christians from all over the world, at the invitation of the Holy Father, united with him in our Father's Prayer. His Beatitude Sviatoslav and the faithful of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church joined the common ecumenical prayer for ending the pandemic of the coronavirusThe UGCC Department for Information report.


Pope Francis began a live broadcast from his office in the Apostolic Palace, saying: “As trusted children, we turn to the Father. We do this every day, repeatedly during the day, but at this moment we want to ask for mercy for humankind, which is undergoing a severe test of a coronavirus pandemic. We do it together, Christians of every Church and community, every tradition, every age, language and nationality. We pray for the sick and their families, for the health care workers, and those who help them, for the authorities, law enforcement, and volunteers, for the clergy of our communities.”

Later, the Holy Father said in Latin “Our Father.” At the same time, at the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection in Kyiv, His Beatitude Sviatoslav united with several priests and laymen in the prayer. A live broadcast of the prayer was organized by “Zhyve” television.

"The Pope recalled that today is the Feast of the Annunciation according to the Gregorian calendar, a holiday when humanity celebrates the moment of the incarnation of the Son of God,” emphasized after the prayer the Head of the UGCC. “So at this moment, humanity, enriched by the power of the Word of God, turns together with the Son of God to our Heavenly Father, asking for His mercy for all people."

His Beatitude Sviatoslav thanked all those who joined this prayer with the Holy Father today. He emphasized that this prayer is ecumenical, because "there is no Christian who does not pray “Our Father.’”

The Father and the Head of the UGCC recalled that the AUCCRO proclaimed this day, March 25, the Day of Prayer and Fasting for Ukraine. "Today, all Ukrainians living in Ukraine and scattered around the world prayed together as one child to Heavenly Father," said His Beatitude at the end of the prayer. He concluded with the following words: "Our Father, have mercy on Ukraine, have mercy on its children, save us from illness and death, turn away from us this coming evil. Our Father, who art in heaven, may Your mercy embrace Ukraine. God save our land! Amen."

We would like to remind you that on Friday, March 27, the Holy Father will hold an extraordinary prayer with the Blessing "Urbi et Orbi" (to the City and World). Usually, such a prayer occurs only during Easter and Christmas. Prayer will begin at 7 pm Kyiv time (6 pm Roman time). The joint prayer will be broadcast on Zhyve TV on its channel on YouTube and on its page on Facebook.

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    • | 27 March 2020, 11:15

      Ми вже мали добре відомий досвід, коли, скажімо, ватажки позаминулої влади, по суті, піднесли УПЦ МП до (фактичної) ролі і статусу ледь не "державної" конфесії в Україні. ------- Чи от

    • enzian | 27 March 2020, 09:34

      Розумна влада, усвідомлюючи авторитет церков серед населення, вже давно б сама звернулася до церков по допомогу, і вони б їй радо допомогли. А наші зелені бовдури здатні лише однаково дистанціюватись

    • | 27 March 2020, 09:17

      І тут, напевно, глава УГКЦ (чомусь?) "забув" - причому, прямо, чітко й відверто - також засвідчити (нагадати й наголосити) очільнику нового українського уряду про велику й дієву -

    • bopa | 25 March 2020, 20:18

      Чи може "страви на освячення особи літнього і похилого віку; ті, у яких члени родини мають ознаки респіраторного захворювання; ті, хто перебуває на самоізоляції" освячувати сам вірний

    • | 25 March 2020, 10:31

      Таким чином через Пресвяту Діву Марію у цей світ прийшов - обіцяний ще багатьма старозавітніми пророками - його Відкупитель і Спаситель - Ісус Христос. І Який - поміж різного іншого - наголошував,

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