Cathedral of Mother of God of Zarvanytsya receives Minor Papal Basilica status

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On June 30, Zarvanytsya Marian Spiritual Centre hosted the solemn proclamation of the new status of the Cathedral of the Mother of God of Zarvanytsya which, according to the Decree issued by the Holy Father Francis, now holds a title of the Minor Basilica.

It was reported by the press service of the Zarvanytsya Marian Spiritual Centre. The Patriarch of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, His Beatitude Svyatoslav (Shevchuk), Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, Archbishop and Metropolitan Vasyl (Semeniuk) of Ternopil and Zboriv, Auxiliary Bishop Theodore (Martyniuk), Bishop Vasyl (Ivasyuk) of Kolomyia, Bishop Dmytro Hryhoriak of Buchach and numerous clergymen of the Archdiocese came to Zarvanytsia to celebrate this event.

First, a solemn Liturgy was held in the Cathedral of the Mother of God of Zarvanytsya, which was attended by thousands of pilgrims who arrived on this special day to the site of pilgrimage.

"In order to emphasize what an important harbor Zarvanytsia is for Ukrainians, this Cathedral today will receive a name for the whole world, will become a minor Papal Basilica. This means that this temple will be recognized by the Universal Church. The Holy Father seems to indicate that if anyone wants to be saved in the storm of the sea of life, he should go to Zarvanytsya. Your Mother's waiting for you there!" said His Beatitude Sviatoslav during the sermon. After the Service, Archbishop Claudio read a document of the Pope which attested the granting of the status of the Minor Papal Basilica of the Cathedral in Zarvanytsya Marian Spiritual Centre. In his turn, Metropolitan Vasyl turned to the head of the UGCC and the Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine Archbishop Claudio with words of sincere gratitude.

The Minor Basilica is a title granted to Catholic churches by the Pope. It is assigned not due to the monumentality or other architectural features of the building, but because of the extraordinary activity of believers and clergymen around it.  

In Ukraine, until this day the honorary status was granted to only three churches - the Basilica of the Assumption in Lviv, the Basilica of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Chernivtsi and St. Peter's Basilica in Odesa.

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    • | 25 May 2020, 08:37

      Р. S. Неначе якесь дивне - і, як видається, дуже тривожне й небезпечне ЗАСЛІПЛЕННЯ вразило немало кого з архипастирів, включаючи верхівку Ватикану та провід УГКЦ, в сучасному католицькому світі!!!

    • | 25 May 2020, 08:21

      "«Нам потрібно посилити солідарність і глобальну співпрацю, щоб виграти битву проти вірусу, який не знає кордонів, а також проти всіх військових конфліктів і війн на Європейському континенті, –

    • enzian | 24 May 2020, 08:32

      Цілком справедливо.

    • Mamutoglu | 23 May 2020, 23:01

      Кримські мусульмани не вітаються "Ід Мубарак", ми ж не араби! Ми вітаємося "Ораза Байрам хайирли болсин'!" Фітр-садак'аси дається не у день свята, а напередодні. У день свята

    • Mamutoglu | 23 May 2020, 22:56

      на мою думку, назву ісламського свята потрібно давати у версію корінного мусульманського народу України, тобто "Ораза Байрам", а не так, як це прийнято у державі-агресорі. З яких це пір,

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