Priest highlights UGCC situation in Donbas

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A certain stability has been reached for the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic parishes, located in the occupied part of Donbas. But, nevertheless, the majority of them was forced to close down.


Father Igor Yatsiv, Chair of the Information Department of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, talked about it on ObozTV. According to him, there are only two or three parishes in Donbas.


“There are few parishioners left, but for those who remained, it's like a place of spiritual renewal, a place where they can draw hope for the best,” said Yatsiv.


The priest explained: the bishop of the UGCC in Donetsk gave permission to all clerics to leave the occupied territory, but it was their own decision to stay.


“They face a challenge: to remain pastors of souls, that is to be prepared to serve people in spiritual needs. And they do it, this is their special ministry,” Fr Igor Yatsiv said.

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      А отут іще одна - цікава й важлива новина, пов'язана з Днем Соборності:

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