New UGCC Catechism “Christ Is Our Easter” presented in Rome

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On February 4, 2012 in Rome the new Catechism of the UGCC “Christ Is Our Easter” was presented to clergy, monastics, and students and on February 5 to the Greek Catholic laity living in and around Rome.

The first part of the presentation began in the parish of Saints Sergius and Bacchus with a Liturgy led by Fr. Taras Barshevsky. After the service the faithful gathered in the Synod Hall of the Patriarchal Court, where the Catechism was presented.

At the beginning the faithful had a chance to listen to a passage from Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky’s pastoral message and the greeting of His Beatitude Sviatoslav’s delivered at the first official presentation of the Catechism. Afterward, Fr. Taras and Sister Luiza told the audience about the preparation, sources and significance of the new Catechism for the Church and for each Christian.

In conclusion, Fr. Marko Yaroslav Semehen, vice pastor of the parish, thanked His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Synod of Bishops, and members of the commission for the new Catechism, and encouraged the faithful to actively read it. “I believe that the Catechism will help each of us get closer to God, to know our own traditions and rituals and most importantly to keep our faith and prevent foreign elements from changing it,” said Fr. Marko.

After the presentation, the faithful had a chance to talk to each other at a reception, which was hosted by the Ukrainian Catholic association Saint Sophia.

At lunch time the second part of the presentation was held in the Church of Christ the King. The guests were welcomed by Fr. Porphyry Pidruchny, OSBM, responsible for pastoral care.
The presentation was attended by many parishioners of the Church of Christ the King, together with proto-archimandrite of the Basilian Order Vasyl Kovbych, Fr. Carlos Melnicki, and members of the student community.

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  • Mykhayl | 9 February 2012, 09:27
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    Christ Is Our Easter; EASTER(sic)? [Pascha?] QUOTE '... to know our own traditions and rituals and most importantly to keep our faith and prevent foreign elements from changing it,” ...' QUIT QUOTE Have we not acquired the art of the most popular communicable language in today's world; English? Is it arrogance in the orthodox faith from never having to say; "we stumbled"? More pastoral compassion would imitate Christ with sensitively rather than aggressive condescension.

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  • Михаил | 18 March 2019, 00:08

    Почему нормальной канонической УГКЦ нельзя молиться в Софии, а проводить там шабаш мирян, наряженных священниками можно?

  • Стефан | 17 March 2019, 20:30

    Патріарх Філарет і Президент Порошенко - духовна опора і впевнена надія українців на перемогу і звільнення країни від окупації і сепаратизму і шкідництва ворогів.

  • | 17 March 2019, 19:39

    Хочу сподіватися, що посилання на ЦЮ релігійно-історичну розвідку у шановного Адміна не викличе різко-негативної реакції:

  • barni | 17 March 2019, 19:16

    Чому до офіційного ВИЗНАННЯ ПРАВОСЛАВНОЙ ЦЕРКВИ УКРАЇНИ не виникало таких побажань??? Українці завжди були віруючим народом, мали свою церкву в якій молилися своєю мовою (до певного часу) . З

  • Aquinatus | 17 March 2019, 17:12

    В Египте живут копты. Они - христиане. Нередко, когда в коптских храмах идет таинство бракосочетания, подъезжает автомобиль к храму и из автомобиля расстреливают коптов-христиан из автоматов... В

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