A new page in the history of the Catholic Church in Ukraine, - Patriarch of the UGCC comments ordination of Edward Kava

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The Patriarch of the UGCC took part in the episcopal ordination of the bishop-nominee of the RCC in Ukraine Edward Kava, which place today, June 21, at the Latin Metropolitan Basilica in Lviv. The First Hierarch noted the importance of today's event and called it the opening of a new page of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine.

“I think that the entire Catholic Church in Ukraine feels beloved today. This event, which is taking place in Lviv today, this event, which will take place in Kyiv on Saturday, makes us feel that a new page in the history of the Catholic Church in Ukraine has opened. The page that will be marked with love. Love is not only God to us, but brotherly love between us, between the two lungs of the Church – the Eastern and Western ones,” said the Patriarch of the UGCC.


Addressing Bishop Edward Kava, the Head of the UGCC stressed the importance of the episcopal ministry and recalled the words that the Lord had spoken to Moses.


“When the Lord God chooses his servant from among us, his bishop, He seems to be willing to tell us the same thing that he once said to Moses near the Unburnt Bush: “The voice of crying of my people has reached my ears, so I have chosen you and called you.”


Dear Vladyka, You are the beloved of God. Today, He shows how He loves you and had loved you already before the creation of the world,” said the first hierarch.


“We are accepting you today to the collegium of the apostles’ followers, our community of Catholic bishops of Ukraine with great joy, hope and love ... We will be with you. Today we accompany you with prayer, but we are just beginning to do this and will walk with you together side by side together,” Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) assured.


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    • Магадан | 18 March 2018, 13:44

      зовсім з глузду зіхав. тепер газ. про що ще поговоримо.

    • Учкудук | 18 March 2018, 12:01

      Відмовитись можна, але якою ціною? Втричі дорожче переплачувати європейцям за той же росгаз,який обійшовся по колу півЄвропи. Так краще б Яценюку "кулю в лоб",ніж молоді хлопці мали б

    • Магадан | 17 March 2018, 18:43

      та да , звичайна демагогія коли більше немає що сказати. ім украінські випускники не потрібні, зате іноземні дуже пригодяться))))

    • В. Ясеневий | 17 March 2018, 18:01

      "Ми можемо цих молодих людей, як сформованих фахівців запрошувати експертами,консультантами бізнесу,викладачами у виші, для роробки спільних технологій...". цікаво,а хто це

    • В. Ясеневий | 17 March 2018, 15:09

      Припускаю ,що по перше і найшвидше подіяв би заклик до примирення між ХРИСТИЯНАМИ(РИМО-КАТОЛИКАМИ)ПОЛЯКАМИ І - ХРИСТИЯНАМИ УГКЦ І ПРАВОСЛАВНИМИ УКРАЇНЦЯМИ. А тоді вже і політикам не було б куда

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