Roman Catholics of Chernihiv celebrate Christmas in a new church

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Yesterday, on December 25, the parishioners of the church in Chernihiv, named after the Descent of the Holy Spirit, celebrated one of the main Christian holidays – the Nativity of Christ.


“The solemn worship of Christmas Eve was attended by more than 150 parishioners,” said the rector of the church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Father Bernard Felchykhovskyy. “Our church has a total of two hundred parishioners. They are most active during major holidays. Worship services are held mainly in Ukrainian, at least in Polish. On Christmas Day there were four services. Moreover, children held a celebration in the lower warmer church. There the services for the elderly are usually carried out. The Christmas festivities in the church will continue until the new year.”


The Parish of the Descent of the Holy Spirit was registered in Chernihiv in 1993. For a long time, Roman Catholics tried to reclaim the historic building on Pyatnitskaya Church (opposite the medical school), in which the Soviets kept the archive. But these attempts were not successful. Archive is located there today.

Then the Roman Catholic community, led by Father Heinrich Kaminski began construction of a new church complex atKyivska street, 20. The construction lasted a long time - over 15 years. The church was officially consecrated only in November 2015.

Currently, two temples are operating – the upper and lower churches. A tall belfry and the church building itself, adjacent buildings and the courtyard are a jewel of Chernihiv, Liubov Potapenko said to RISU correspondent.

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    • Slava43 | 31 March 2017, 17:08

      Патріярха виклик до молитви 2-го Квітня особливо важний. Однак ми повинні що неділі в наших церквах молитись за єдність та перемогу над ворогами - зовнішніми та внутрішніми. Ми не повинні

    • Грицько | 15 March 2017, 10:58

      це на мові військових це називається : збройний конфлікт низької інтенсивності. Війна - це велика Вітчизняна війна, 1-ша світова війна, вітчизняна війна 1812 р. і т.д. война — это крайняя, наиболее

    • Оленка | 3 March 2017, 14:55

      Якби ж то я могла бути почутою ним.

    • Оленка | 3 March 2017, 14:54

      У Бога немає ворогів. Хіба сатана, та й той по своїй злій волі виступив проти Всевишнього. Ворог України - диявол? Цілком і повністю згідна! Саме він за допомогою нещасних рабів, котрі під його

    • enzian | 2 March 2017, 19:11

      Нехай би закликала до миру Путлера.

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