The Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti visited recently shelled Avdijivka

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16683969_10202924145541440_8160628882767377583_n.jpgOn February 14-15, 2017 the Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti together with bishop Jan Sobilo, President of the Technical Committee of the Initiative ‘The Pope for Ukraine’ were on a two-day visit to Donetsk region, during which they visited Sviatohirsk, Kramatorsk, Avdiyivka and other inhabited settlements of Donetsk region recently affected by shelling, "Pope for Ukraine" action web page informs.

First, the Apostolic Nuncio met children and families that had moved during the period of intensification of military actions in Avdiyivka to come to know personally from them about the circumstances under which they left their houses as well as to see the conditions in which the children are staying now.

On February 15 the Apostolic Nuncio met the children and teachers of local comprehensive schools, visited the local hospital, several residential houses located in the area of old Avdiyivka that had been most affected.


Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti arrived in Donetsk region to show solidarity, to bring the prayer and the blessing of Pope Francis to the people who stayed without water, heat, and lights in harsh frost. His goal was to hear directly from local residents about the needs which constitute their current priorities.

The representatives of the Holy Father tried to spend as much time as possible communicating with children. That is why meetings at schools were the longest and most heart-stirring.

Children are the future of Ukraine, and the conditions in which they are grown up and developing today will determine Ukraine’s future for years and generations to come’, – stresses Archbishop Gugerotti. That is why emergency assistance provided by Pope Francis, besides the projects which are already under implementation, has been directed at the rehabilitation of children. This assistance will be supplied to the region through SAVE THE CHILDREN organization, with which the respective Agreement was concluded on February 15.


When the Pope heard about Avdiyivka, he wanted his representative to go as soon as possible to the place where such tragic events had taken place, for him to personally see to the needs of local residents and transfer assistance from millions of people from the whole world to them. One of the specific gestures we want to show is assistance provision to children of the affected region for the amount of 200 thousand Euros’, – indicated the Vatican’s Envoy in his talk with the representatives of the military-civil administration of Avdiyivka.

During his meeting with the representatives of the authorities, the Apostolic Nuncio stressed that the Catholic Church is open to assistance provision to all the people, regardless of their religious beliefs, and it primarily takes into account real needs of people.

‘We do our best to come closer and to support all the people in need of help, through ‘The Pope for Ukraine’ Committee headed by Bishop Jan Sobilo, and we are willing and have a lot of opportunities for providing further assistance’, – the diplomat assured.


‘The aim of our work is not just to be the administrators of the money the whole Europe and personally Pope Francis have collected for Ukraine. Our goal is to show the support of millions of peoples from all over the world, to show our spiritual affinity to Ukrainians who are suffering a lot today. We are also encouraging Ukrainians to learn to love, respect and support each other more’, – archbishop Claudio Gugerotti added.

‘At school we met junior students who made us acquainted with an immense variety of Ukrainian traditions and cultures. And that meeting offered great hope to us. By the way, we were highly impressed by the fact that children and teachers at school spoke only Ukrainian’, – the Nuncio shared.

‘Generally, we see that people are emotionally very much exhausted, and to rebuild dwelling is much easier than to restore the mind tired of the war. We will keep on doing our best, starting with prayer up to specific gestures of help, to be as close to you as possible. It is very important for you not to feel alone and deserted. Since there is a great danger that the world may simply forget about those military conflicts. It is necessary to support the realization of the whole world about what is happening here, for the sake of joint effort, for the war to finish in the nearest future’, – said Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti in conclusion, addressing the residents of Avdiyivka.


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    "Михаил" ти б хоч в вікіпедію заглянув: • Церква — релігійна громада християн у конкретній місцевості. • Церква — парафія, церковна громада. ЦЕРКВА - ЦЕ Л-Ю-Д-И !!! а як можуть громадяни

  • Slava43 | 23 June 2019, 05:54

    Конституція та державні закони побудовані на Божі справедливості, однак закони пишуть люди, тому держави часто доповнюють або навідь міняють чи уточнюють намір законів. Росія старається використати

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    Наївність просто розчулює.

  • Михаил | 21 June 2019, 14:38

    Я не понимаю два момента. 1) Как можно было выбрать коммуниста председателем этой организации? Кто его выбрал, зачем? 2) При всём при этом не думаю, что он сам решил сесть в кресло главы парламента.

  • fedirtsiv | 21 June 2019, 14:34

    Церква і держава стоять на одному рівні, коли йдеться про виховання патріотів України і вони допомагають одна одній захищати інтереси України. Недаремно існує гасло: Україна і Бог. Ось два засадничі

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