The Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine visits frontline in Donetsk region

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nunciy3.jpg-ggg.jpgApostolic Nuncio Claudio Gugerotti visited the frontline zone of Donetsk region to see firsthand what is happening there, and then share his experience with Pope Francis.


On February 24, the Holy See envoy met with the mayor of Kramatorsk and IDPs living in the city and visited the charity fund "Caritas Kramatorsk" "Eastern Project" reports.


First, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti visited the municipal executive council, where he discussed some humanitarian issues with Mayor Andriy Pankov. But the main topic was the issue of IDPs and their adaptation.


After meeting with the mayor, the Archbishop visited the charity foundation “Caritas Kramatorsk,” whose activities are centered on aid to IDPs. There the honorable guest had a conversation with representatives of the Council of Churches of Kramatorsk, adviser to the Minister of Social Policy Olexandr Voroshkov, as well as the leadership of Popasnaja district, Luhansk region.


As for the purpose of his visit, the Archbishop said that he came, in the first place, to “convey the Pope's support for the people of Donbas and reassure people that their problems are very close to the Holy See.”


Talking to the Apostolic Nuncio, representatives of evangelical churches underscored the extreme importance and uniqueness of the interaction of Christians of various denominations in the field of charitable and volunteer activities in Kramatorsk. It was noted that Caritas foundation played a key role in this activity and it was noted that in addition to material assistance, the IDPs need spiritual and psychological support.


This position was supported by the president of “Caritas Ukraine” Andriy Vaskovych:


“It is important not only to give people material help, but faith and hope for the future. From my experience I can say that people, who experienced the horrors of war, are inspired with optimism when they feel kind and human attitude. And our task is to become such inspirers.”


Only over 6 months of last year, “Caritas Kramatorsk” allocated more than 4.5 million of food and medical supplies to the needy. Recently, the Charitable Foundation has also begun to perform its activities in Luhansk region, especially in front-line zone.

After the meeting with and acquaintance with  "Caritas Kramatorsk" personnel, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti expressed desire to meet with the representatives of the youth platform Vilna Khata, to communicate with young people of Kramatorsk and to visit the internally displaced families residing in the city.

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  • Fr. Valerii | 25 February 2016, 11:43
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    Панове, Краматорськ - це Донецька область.

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