‘Adam’s dignity’ – a new book by Lubomyr (Husar) to be presented in Kyiv

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Книга_Гузара.jpgOn April 15, 2016, “Knyharnia Ye” bookstore of Kyiv will host a presentation of the book by Lubomyr (Husar) entitled “Adam’s dignity.” The presentation was organized by the UGCC Information Department and “Knyharnia Ye” bookstore (Lysenko str., 3). It is scheduled for 14.00.

The book is based on conversations with His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar). The author and compiler of the publication is Katerina Shchotkina, the cover was designed by Yurko Izdryk, according to the website of the UGCC.

“The book-interview with His Beatitude about the exciting present and worrying future of mankind, the challenges posed by the modern world before us, about how not to lose dignity in the maelstrom of the latest advances, how to save God's gifts - the world and man in it,” says the annotation to the book "Adam’s dignity."

The presentation will be attended by Archbishop-Cardinal Lubomyr, Archbishop Emeritus of the UGCC, journalist Kateryna Shchotkina, the author and compiler of the publication, and Victor Yelenskyy, a religious expert and MP of Ukraine.

“We must preserve man - and man is a personality that is unique, different from others. The things that blur my personality and make me less than a man are dangerous, because it restrains my capabilities. Even if only Mozarts populated the Earth – how will it contribute to the development of music?” this is a rhetorical question Archbishop-Cardinal Lubomyr poses in the first section.

 The book of 160 pages was released by “Drukarsky kunshty” publishing house.

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