RISU announces contest ‘Sacred Ukraine’

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Ukraine is famous for its monuments and history, spiritual culture, museum collections of sacred art and modern masters. In order to draw attention to the sacral and cultural heritage of our region, the promotion of religious tourism and to mark the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, the edition of the Religious Information Service of Ukraine announces the fifth contest of religious and local history reports.

Journalists, historians, ethnographers, travelers, art historians and other persons interested in this subject, who have a talent for describing what they have seen are invited to participate.

The original local history materials (articles, photo essays) that describe interesting sacral monuments, museum collections, religious history of settlements and localities may participate in the contest.

An author can send several materials.


Basic requirements for materials submitted to the contest:

 - only original author’s materials are accepted (illustrations to the texts may have other authors, but their authors must permit their use) that have never been published, including in print and electronic media;

- Images must have captions;

- they shall contain links to information sources used in the article;

Request: Your material must evoke in the reader the impression that he visited the area described, he saw what you wrote and would like to go there as well.

The submitted materials must be complemented by the author’s summary.

Send your works by e-mail: ukr@risu.org.ua marked “Competition.”

We will post the materials of interest on our "Religious tourism" site.

A special jury will select the winners of the awards and gifts from RISU editorial staff.

The competition runs from 4 April to 14 August 2016. The results will be announced on RISU website on the eve of Independence Day.

Good luck!

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