20 people detained near a mosque in Kyiv without documents: sheikh Ismagilov outraged

In Kyiv, people near the mosque of the Islamic cultural center were asked to produce their IDs. According to the Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine ‘UMMA’ Said Ismagilov, more than 20 people were detained after the ID checks.

He reported this on his Faceboook page.

He said that  two buses with employees of the State Migration Police, accompanied by the National Police arrived at about noon to the mosque of the Islamic Cultural Center in Kyiv, 25 Dehtyarivska str. Said Ismagilov added that they checked the IDs of the mosque visitors.

As Said Ismagilov noted in his comment to Hromadske, the ID check lasted up to 14:00.

“They explained that the IDs are being checked not on the territory of the mosque, but outside it. Many people faced this check. The IDs of those who do not look like foreigners were not checked,” the Mufti said.

Ismagilov wrote on Facebook that 25 people without IDs were detained and taken out. In the comment to Hromadske he noted that he is not aware where exactly they were taken.

Anna Zubreva, a spokeswoman for the Shevchenko Police Department in Kyiv, told to Hromadske that patrolling had  been intensified at that point in all districts of Kyiv.

“In all districts of the capital, the National Guard and special police patrols have been intensified, and people have been assigned from police departments to patrol all districts of the capital. It does not matter that foreigners will be checked. Police representatives have the right to check anyone if they have a suspicion,” the spokeswoman said.

She added that the migration service could detain foreigners if they do not have a visa or their stay in Ukraine has expired.

The State Migration Service announced the discovery of illegal migrants in the Shevchenko District of Kyiv, and also assured that during inspections at the mosque, the rights of believers were not violated.


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