We ask for the President’s fortitude at the meeting in Normandy format”, - a joint prayer held in Kyiv

Today, on the day of the meeting in the Normandy format, representatives of Churches and religious organizations gathered in the "Ukrainian House" in the center of Kyiv. The goal is a common prayer for a just peace in Ukraine.

The prayer meeting was organized by the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, with the assistance of the Council for pastoral care under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The joint prayer was attended by representatives of almost all religious organizations: Christians of different denominations, Muslims and Jews.

"We represent today people who constantly pray for our state. And they will pray for it," said the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Ukraine Vitaly Krivitsky, who chairs the AUCCRO. "The Lord knows who, where and how much effort and let him return a hundredfold to all who have influenced up to this day. We are building our state, an independent Ukraine, each in its place.

Each representative had a short word. The general theses of the prayer words were as follows: that officials make wise decisions for the Ukrainian people; that their hearts be directed to the value of peace; that every citizen of Ukraine, every person today feel the closeness of our Lord and help from him.

"Today the fate of our country is being decided," said the representative of the spiritual Council under the Ministry of Defense, pastor Rustam Fatullayev. "We all want peace. And we can say together with our hierarchs and flock that we are close to our President and believe that God will give victory. We pray that we may be spiritually present in those negotiations, that the Holy Spirit and angels, that the power of God may accompany our President."

First Deputy Bishop Anatoly Kozachok of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church reminded that we ask for a strong spirit for our President. "As he gave Moses a strong spirit, he was able to bring his people out of slavery. He gave Daniel a strong spirit, and he was able to stand up against the sinful values of the world. How you gave a strong spirit to the other heroes of the faith and they did the work to which you called them. And today we supplicate, "Give our President a strong spirit, a strong spirit you keep in perfect peace."

The representative of the UOC-MP assured that Metropolitan Onufriy supports the initiative of the President regarding peace. Therefore, on his initiative, a special supplication for peace was raised yesterday in all churches and monasteries. And now His Beatitude is praying for the gift of peace in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

In conclusion, Bishop Vitaly Krivitsky summed up that negotiation without prayer, we will not be able to achieve the goals set before our state. These are a just peace, the preservation of the integrity of our territories.

The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches calls on all Churches to intensify prayer on this day and to fast. It is the Lord who can give direction to our history. Keeping in mind that we must act and work, because in this we are the servants of the Lord.

The meeting of the leaders of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia in the Normandy format will be held on December 9. The aim of the talks is a peaceful settlement of the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine.


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