According to the canons, OCU does not depend on Constantinople at all, -archimandrite Kyryl Hovorun

A well-known Ukrainian theologian, professor at the University of the USA Archimandrite Kyryl Govorun commented the accusations of the OCU 's dependence on Constantinople, reports «Religious Truth».

“From the point of view of the canonical procedures, which are prescribed in the Tomos and the Charter, there is no dependence. There is only a connection that each local Church has with Constantinople," - Father Kyrylo said.

He pointed out the right of appeal as one of the important factors uniting other Churches with Constantinople.

“Relatively speaking, when there is a conflict in one Church, when someone does not agree with the decision of the Ecclesiastical Court in relation to a certain person – a Bishop or a priest... that is, having passed all instances in a state, a person gets the right to appeal – to the European court”, – said Father Kyryl.

The theologian noted that this is a very ancient right of Constantinople.

“The Church Of Constantinople had such a right together with the Roman Church long ago, even before the East-West Schism. And this right follows from the decisions of a very venerable Council, which took place still in the third century. At least since then, this legal right has been enshrined. In this sense, the Local Orthodox Church of Ukraine, when it joined the family of local Churches, automatically accepted this right, which is very ancient and authoritative,” - said Hovorun.

By the way, he said, and Bishop Filaret took advantage of this right. It is thanks to this right that the prohibitions, imposed on him in Moscow, were lifted.

“On the one hand, he used [the right], on the other – he condemns it. It is, speaking in secular language, to shoot yourself in the foot. This is actually to question the grounds on which he received recognition,” - commented Father Kyryl.


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