OCU: all one should do now for 'Elder' Filaret is offer prayers

Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya), Press-secretary of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, has expressed regret that Filaret convenes a press conference in order to “cite deceitful propaganda from Russian information cesspools that has already been repeatedly debunked.” The archbishop expressed this opinion on his Facebook page on June 25, commenting on the last press conference of Filaret.

He believes that two conclusions can be drawn from this:

“1. The ability to critically evaluate information and distinguish truth from lies has significantly decreased. However, it is still understandable (although not justifiable), taking into account [Filaret's] old age and emotional state.

But 2. People who are much younger than [Filaret], who know for sure that they are foisting him publications with a Kremlin tinge – these are people who are now modelling his “picture of the world”, taking advantage of his age and emotional state ... It's a shame and pain. We pray for our elder,” wrote Zorya.


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