Muslims celebrate Uraza Bayram today

The Feast of the Breaking of Fast or Uraza Bayram is one of the most important events in the Islamic world, whose celebration begins after the sunset on the last day of the Ramadan and lasts for three days.

Uraza Bayram marks on June 4th. On this day, Muslims can afford everything that was forbidden to consume in the daytime during the holy month.

In the mosques, a festive morning prayer is raised. Believers gather in advance for the prayer, wearing the best outfit. When meeting, Muslims exchange greetings “Id Mubarak”, which means the wishes of the blessed holiday.

On this day, it was decided to pay Zakat al-fitr so that they could enjoy the holiday.

Zakat al-Fitr is considered obligatory, but it is necessary to pay it first of all to one's relatives if they need it. That is, if zakat is paid to a stranger, when relatives need it, he will not be counted. It is forbidden to pay zakat to parents, children or the wife.

Zakat is to be paid out before the holiday prayer and also on the night at Uraza Bayram.

At Uraza Bayram, one should visit close relatives, sick persons and the tombs of the deceased.

The gathering at the table of friends and relatives is considered a very important moment for the Uraza Bayram.

The feast of Uraza Bayram lasts for three days. This is a good reason to make gifts to each other, especially try to please the little family members because it is believed in Islam that the children and their joy bring the believer closer to the Almighty.


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