Pope Francis wishes peace to Ukrainians in Urbi et Orbi

Today, April 21, Pope Francis said his Easter message from the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica to Rome and the world. The Ecumenical hierarch mentioned Ukraine in his speech.

“May the population of the eastern regions of Ukraine, which continues to suffer from a continuing conflict finds solace already this Easter. Let the Lord encourage humanitarian initiatives, as well as those aimed at achieving lasting peace,” said the holy Father.

In his speech, the Pope also mentioned other states in which hostilities are being conducted, acts of violence are taking place, social injustice is spreading. In particular, the countries of the Middle East, as well as Libya, Venezuela, Nicaragua.

The Pontiff also referred to the recent terrorist attack in Sri Lanka. At the end of the sermon, Pope Francis wished the resurrected Christ gives people peace and tranquility: “In the face of many manifestations of the suffering of our time, may the Lord of life not find us cold and indifferent. May He make us build bridges, not walls. May He, who gives us His peace, silence the sounds of weapons, both in the war locations and in our cities, and urges the leaders of the peoples to make efforts to stop the arms race and the alarming proliferation of weapons, particularly in the most economically developed countries.

May the Resurrection, which opened wide the entrance of the tomb, open our hearts to the needs of the impoverished, defenseless, poor, unemployed, unprivileged, and those who knock at our door, seeking bread, asylum and recognition of their dignity.”


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