New Zealand mosque shooter threatens Muslims and Ukraine in his manifesto

The terrorist who attacked Muslims in a mosque in New Zealand on March 15, mentioned Ukraine in his "manifesto", addressing his threats, in particular, to Ukrainian believers. This was written on Facebook by Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah" Sheikh Said Ismagilov.

“You will find no reprieve, not in Iceland, not in Poland, not in New Zealand, not in Argentina, not in Ukraine”.

The faithful were extremely concerned at today's prayer because of this mention by the terrorists of Ukraine, and some did not come to prayer at all, expecting the terrorist acts to happen in Ukraine,” he said.

Mufti added that before the prayer, men approached him and asked if there were any security measures in the mosque, whether it was not necessary to organize the security of the building and to prepare first aid kits in case of a terrorist attack.

“Today's events and threats were so unexpected that we did not even have time to ensure security measures. I hope that this will never happen in Ukraine, but it's strange why the terrorists have mentioned only five countries from 195 countries and our Ukraine among them?” Said Ismagilov noted.


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