Chief Rabbi of Ukraine appeals to Israel to put end to deportation conflict

Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Moshe Reuven Asman, sent letters to the Israeli Government asking to put an end to the so-called deportation conflict. RBC-Ukraine reports it citing Asman’s Facebook.


Asman noted that he had sent a letter to the Foreign Minister of Israel, as well as to the ministers of Internal Affairs and Tourism, requesting the completion of the conflict related to the deportation of Ukrainian tourists from Israel, and Israeli tourists from Ukraine.

“I have also offered the assistance of our community in settling this conflict, and preventing similar conflicts in the future. I hope that in the near future, with God's help, it will be possible to end this unnecessary conflict of anybody, affecting ordinary people of our two countries. In principle, as it seems to me, the leadership of both countries have understood this,” added Asman.

Previously, it was reported that the number of refusals of entrance to Ukraine to Israeli tourists had increased dramatically. This, as assured by the State Border Guard Service, was due to the fact that tourists do not have enough money, cannot confirm the purpose and program of their trip.

In response, on February 15, 140 Ukrainians were held for several hours at the Israeli Ben Gurion Airport.


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