US State Department special representative: Ukraine is entitled to its own independent church

Ukrainians have the right to settle their religious issues as they see fit, said US Ambassador Sam Brownback on International Religious Freedom, answering the question of Radio Liberty on the eve of the Day of Religious Freedom.

“This is the inalienable right of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Ukrainians themselves to solve religious issues as it suits them, as they deserve. Without any obstacles, without any external interference. And this is the way that we see for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – this is how everything should proceed. This is the American understanding, this is the US position,” Brownback said.

He reminded that he recently visited Kyiv, where he met with officials and religious leaders.

“I voiced the position of the United States of America – any church, any religious group have the right to live as it suits them. This is their right! This is not the sphere where the state should intervene at all,” Brownback said.



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