Young rabbis told about their Mitzvah tank expedition across Kherson region

On August 12-15, a Jewish expedition was traveling in a Mitzvah tank for the second time in Kherson region. This is reported by PIC.

Young Jewish rabbis told the people about the history of Jews and studied Torah with them, laid Tefillin, and placed mezuzahs in their homes.


The Mitzvah tank visited Jewish communities in Henichesk, Skadovsk, Kakhovka, New Kakhovka, Oleshky and Kherson.

At the concluding press conference held on August 15 in the Kherson synagogue, the young rabbis noted that the role of this expedition is great because, unfortunately, not every city has a Jewish community, a synagogue and a permanent rabbi.


Involvement in the Jewish tradition, helping to get acquainted with culture and religion is a difficult and responsible mission, said rabbis.


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