Ukrainian Churches call to join on June 2 the All-Ukrainian march for protection of the rights of children and families

On Saturday, June 2, 2018, thousands of citizens will gather in Kyiv to take part in the annual All-Ukrainian March for the protection of the rights of children and families, which will be held under the slogan: “Happy family means healthy Ukraine!”

The goal of the march is to draw the attention of society and authorities to the moral and spiritual foundations of family and marriage as a union of men and women, necessary for the harmonious education and healthy development of children.

In addition, the issue of raising the level of state family policy has long become imminent in Ukraine. After all, the authorities, together with the public, should not stand aside when it comes to such sore issues as:

surrogate motherhood, which devalues ​​the child's life to the level of a product (which is prohibited in many countries of Europe unlike Ukraine);

promotion of abortions, in particular at the diagnosis stage, instead of creating conditions for carrying of each pregnancy;

lack of infrastructure for families with children, and inclusive education for children with disabilities;

Legislative advancement of the ideas of gender ideology that distorts the concepts of sex and gender equality as equal rights of men and women, propagating instead unnatural immorality of same-sex relationships and immoralizing children;

insufficient restrictions on the advertising of beer, soft drinks and alcohol, the abuse of which causes domestic violence and other crimes;

unfriendly family information policy;

increasing divorces and, as a result, incomplete families in which children do not receive adequate love and upbringing.

It should be noted that, according to recent sociological studies, 98.6% of Ukrainians put the family at the forefront of their life priorities. At the same time, the family is the greatest value for Ukrainians among all other social and personal benefits (given by the Razumkov Center).

The gathering of those willing to join the march will begin at 9:45 on St Sofia Square in Kyiv, where a concert and entertainment for children will take place. After that, from 11:00, the participants of the march, led by heads of churches and religious organizations, will march across the center of the capital to the Constitution Square near the Verkhovna Rada.

This year, the All-Ukrainian March for the Protection of the Rights of Children and Families will take place for the third time. The action is held at the initiative of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations and is supported by public and charitable organizations of Ukraine.

The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (AUCCRO) was formed in December 1996 as an interdenominational institution to unite the efforts of confessions in the process of spiritual revival of Ukraine and to coordinate inter-church dialogue both in Ukraine and abroad.

The AUCCIRO consists of 16 churches and religious organizations, among them Orthodox, Greek and Roman Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical churches, as well as Jewish and Muslim religious associations and 1 inter-church organization. Thus, the Council of Churches represents about 95% of all religious organizations in Ukraine.


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