Head of the UGCC during the meeting with the G7 ambassadors: we will win in war with Russia, the time span depends on domestic reforms

On February 6, at a meeting of representatives of the AUCCRO with the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of the G-7 countries held in Kyiv, the Head of the UGCC noted that this is an interesting moment for a direct communication dialogue between such high-level diplomats, representatives of ordinary Ukrainians, and representatives of civil society.

According to the Department of Information of the UGCC, Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk emphasizes that the religious environment of Ukraine, heads of churches, heads of different religious communities feel social responsibility for the fate of Ukraine, for the fate of the Ukrainian people and our state. “Today, it's religious people, although it is strange to hear both for you and us, have almost the greatest credit of trust from Ukrainian citizens. It increases our responsibility. For every appeal, in particular, made by us all together as the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches, has an extremely great influence on the destiny of our people,” said His Beatitude Sviatoslav to the G7 ambassadors.


The Head of the Church has also noted the importance of the reforms that Ukraine as a state and Ukrainian society currently have to undergo. “Today we are deeply grateful to you that the global community is on the side of Ukraine, which leads a silenced war against the Russian aggressor. We are convinced that the Ukrainian people will win in that war. But the time of victory depends also on the extent and rate of internal reforms that the Ukrainian state needs to go through,” said the Primate.


According to him, the reforms that are facing us today are different. His Beatitude Sviatoslav believes that “some of them can bring quick political dividends to our politicians, authorities and opposition, so they will be more likely to speak a lot on these topics. But often, our politicians do not see the future perspective, because they all think of the timing of the next election, which is in a year. Therefore, their programs are short-lived. But the vision we have as representatives of churches and religious organizations is more far-sighted. Because we know that politicians come and go, and the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian churches and religious communities remain.”


“There are other reforms that, in the opinion of the global community, are vital for Ukraine, but they will not bring rapid political dividends and can be painful for ordinary Ukrainian people. But we know that they need to do it today, although they will yield their results in two, three or five years. Therefore, the Church often acts as a good mother. When in our childhood we had a

toothache, our mom needed to persuade us to go to the doctor. I believe that our social responsibility, as churches and religious organizations, may be similar. We can be a similar catalyst for reforming our society in our ministry as a mother and teacher for our people. In particular, last year, the churches and religious organizations supported two important reforms. These are the medical and educational reforms,” says the Head of the UGCC.


In his opinion, it remains unclear what urgent reforms must be made this year for the purpose of the Ukrainian victory. “We know that this year may be turbulent for our society. We can cooperate for peace, stability, development of genuine democracy in Ukraine, so that in the wake of the elections that are expected, Ukrainian society really understood what is to be done and what path is to be taken,” said His Beatitude Sviatoslav.





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