Ukrainian Muslim believers to sign the Social Concept of Ukrainian Muslims

Representatives of Ukrainian Muslim organizations and communities are to sign the “Social Concept of Muslims of Ukraine” on December 11. According to its compilers, the document is a certain extension of the “Charter of Muslims of Ukraine”, which outlines in detail the position of the Ukrainian followers of Islam on such social issues as "Islam and medicine", "Islam and trade", "Islam and education", etc.,  Religion in Ukraine reports citing Islam.in.ua.

The initiators of the creation of this software and vital document for the life of the Ummah call on all Muslim religious and civil organizations of Ukraine to support the Concept.


The solemn procedure of the document signing is scheduled for December 11, 2017 at 13:00. The ceremony will take place in the premises of the Ukrainian National News Agency Ukrinform.

As the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” notes, the very fact of drawing up the Social Concept is not a fundamentally new practice. Similar documents were approved by Muslim communities in other countries, as well as by some Christian churches. Given the need to detail the attitude of Islam to certain social issues, the idea was to write such a guide for Ukrainian Muslims as well.

As the Mufti of the Ummah Spiritual Directorate of Mufti of Sheikh Said Ismagilov remarked, this document explains the attitude of Islam to important aspects of social life and gives some recommendations to Muslims in Ukraine:

- Such a document is not something new. Each religion, and almost every church has its own Social doctrine or concept. Some of them have developed and registered it in the form of a document (such as the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the RCC - a 500-page document and its translations in the national languages, including Ukrainian) or in the Russian Orthodox Church (also called “Social Concept”), while others – in the process of registration, but this document describes the attitude of religion to the social problems of a particular time and a specific society,” Sheikh Said explains. “The Social Concept of Muslims of Ukraine describes the attitude to science and education, medicine, economy, family and family ties, ecology, ethical values ​​of Islam, and others.

Spiritual government, community organizations, experts in various fields participated in the creation of the concept. The provisions of the “Social Concept ...” have already been approved by and approved by the majority of the “Charter of Muslims of Ukraine”.

The full text of the “Social Concept ...” will be made public after its signing.

Earlier, on December 5, 2016, leaders of Muslim organizations of Ukraine, public activists, experts, volunteers, representatives of state institutions gathered at the initiative of UMMA and All-Ukrainian Association "Alraid" in Ukrinform to express their attitude to the Charter of Muslims of Ukraine and in the case of his agreement with her postulates her own signatures confirm affiliation with her. The invitation to participate in the drafting of the Charter and the signing of this important document in the life of Ukrainian Muslims was received by representatives of all Islamic organizations operating in Ukraine on legal grounds. The majority of organizations and associations responded to the call. During the round table the participants concluded that the Charter is not a narrow-confessional document, but aims at achieving social peace and harmony, promotes the search for solutions to disputed issues both between Muslim associations of Ukraine and in the relations of the Muslim community with other religions in the system of state-church sphere. Also during the signing of the Charter, there was expressed an opinion that the Council of Muslims in Ukraine needs to be established.


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