Patriarch of UGCC explains why ATO soldiers are not murderers

The actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the frontline are justified, because this is a case of a fair defense war. In this context, attempts by the aggressor to call the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine murderers are flawed.

Head of the UGCC Svyatoslav (Shevchuk) was reported as saying this on ObozTV.

The head of the UGCC has noted that the Church makes a distinction between a defensive war and an aggressive one.

“When one nation tries to enslave other peoples, such war is unfair by its nature. Any act in the name of such a war is immoral,” he said.

The head of the UGCC has also underscored that every nation has a natural right to defense.

“Today, the Ukrainian people are waging a fair defense war. Our soldiers sacrifice their lives, health, shed blood for their homeland, they are the ones to counter the aggressor,” the Patriarch said.

“This defense war justifies all the elements required for defense. We did not attack; we do not want killings to reign on our land.” In such circumstances our soldiers are the ones to hold back evil and are the peace-builders,” he added.


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