MPs to vote the Christmas according to Gregorian calendar official day off

On Thursday, MPs of Ukraine will vote for a law on the possibility of official celebration of Christmas in two calendars - Julian and Gregorian. MP Viktor Ukolov reported this on his Facebook page.

"Breaking away from the “Russian world” - a group of MP proposed to celebrate Christmas twice: on December 25 and January 7. Interestingly, among the authors there are MPs of all factions, except the Opposition bloc and all denominations (even the UOC-MP),” he said.

"The bill will be voted on Thursday. Friends who support it, please, repost. Remember that Oles Doniy officially offered it first in 2014, and there can be no discrepancy among Ukrainians on this issue, regardless of which parties they represent,” Ukolov believes.

In Ukraine 7th of January - Christmas according to Julian calendar is official state day off but December 25th is not.


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