Thousands of Christians take to the streets to listen to Nick Vujicic in Kyiv

On September 17, 2017, a legendary motivational speaker and philanthropist Nick Vujicic - a man without arms and legs was speaking on Khreshchatyk in Kyiv. About half a million people came to listen to him, says "Channel 5".

As Nick Vujicic said, this performance is a record-breaking one, because never before - and he traveled to 67 countries of the world – has he ever had such a large audience.


Nick Vujicic in Kyiv

His speech is permeated with religiousness, but, as Nick said, “it is not about becoming Protestants.” It is about the other – that is relevant to people of different religions, and to people who do not believe.

There is a call to never give up, to forgive, even if they are not asking forgiveness, and an appeal to Ukrainians “to love Ukrainians” more, and the call for “hug your neighbor” just in the middle of Kyiv, and a prayer for Ukraine.


Nick Vujicic’s performance became the central event of the Thanksgiving Day, hosted by the Protestant community of Ukraine.

The event began at 10 o'clock in the morning in prayer for peace and unity of Ukraine. Subsequently, within the framework of the event there were sports competitions, power shows, draw games with gifts for the whole family, entertainment with the hero of the cartoon “Superbook”, a street cinema. A great symbol of the holiday was the large map of Ukraine made up by volunteers from vegetables and fruits, the organizers of the holiday told RISU.

This day became the end day of the All-Ukrainian two-week auto rally, which was attended by more than 1,000 people who traveled more than 5,000 kilometers in two weeks. A huge column of cars from all 24 regions of the country drove to Khreshchatyk


Throughout the day, performances by the pop and symphony orchestra and well-known singers were delivered on the stage, including the winners of the Voice of the Country project, by Bria Blesing, Anyanya Udogvo and Vyacheslav Rybikov. And also Igor Rudiy, Sergiy Brix, Artem Banar, Anna Kindzerskaya, Daryna Kochangzi, Oksana Kozun and Rulada.

In parallel with the day program, a press conference was held for the media, in which Nick shared his life story and answered journalists' questions.


In addition to Ukrainians, the Nick Vujcic’s performance was seen and heard by millions of people in 26 countries of the world due to a live broadcast of Nadiya TV channel. The translation was made into 9 languages, including the sign language.

British MP Marc Pritchard, Valeriu Gilecki, the Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, George Roller, the President of the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship at the US Congress, and other respectable people conveyed their greetings to the event participants.

The rich day ended with a joint prayer for Ukraine served on the stage by Nick Vujicic together with the leaders of church associations.


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