XXVII International Conference on History of Religions in Ukraine to gather in Lviv the philosophers, religious scholars, historians from different countries

XXVII International Conference “History of Religions in Ukraine” is starting in Lviv Museum of the History of Religion. The opening ceremony will be held on May 15, at 10-00 AM in the exhibition hall of the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion. The forum will continue for three days.


Organizers of this year's forum is a religious Institute – a branch of “Lviv Museum of Religion,” the Lviv branch of Hrushevskyy Institute of Ukrainian Archeology and source studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the NAS of Ukraine, Ukrainian Catholic University, department of modern and Contemporary history of Ukraine, Krypyakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the NAS of Ukraine.


The representative forum will be attended by philosophers and religious scholars, historians and sociologists, art historians and clergymen, research fellows, museum employees and government representatives, national-cultural associations from almost all regions of Ukraine, as well as scientists from Poland, Belarus, Israel, Czech Republic and other countries.


At the plenary and breakout sessions, the forum participants will speak on the following topics: “The historical development of religions from ancient times to modern days,” “Church Hierarchy, Monasteries, Parishes, Education,” “Philosophy and Sociology of Religion,” “State and Church,” “Sacred Art.” In addition, during the visiting session, the Basilian Institute of Philosophical and Theological Studies named after Metropolitan Joseph Velyamyn Rutskyi will consider the subject “400th anniversary of Basilian Fathers.” Participants of the round table that is to be held in Lviv Theological Seminary (All-Ukrainian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith) will discuss “The Reformation and its impact on social and cultural processes in Ukraine,” dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

The conference will include presentation of books: by Oleksandra Kirichuk titled “Josyph Slipyy: Rector, Metropolitan, Prisoner, Cardinal and Patriarch”; by Yaroslav Dashkevich “Ukraine at the crossroads of the worlds: religious and socio-cultural studies”; “National identification of Galician Ukrainians in the XIX - early XX century. (Evolution of the ethnonym)”; Alla Prokopyshyn “Inexhaustible Source of Ancestors’ Mystery.” The sixth issue of “Religious essays” magazine will be presented by PhD Oleg Kiselev.


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