Family is a union of man and woman, - Zaporizhya holds second March for Life

On October 2, thousands of people walked in the columns of "March for Life" along the main street of Zaporizhya. This is the second march in the city, organized by the Spiritual Council of Christian Churches of Zaporizhya. The march was joined by representatives of the Muslim community, according to RISU reporter. 

Many people came to Sunday's march as entire families, people carried banners, sang songs and prayed. Various church organizations took part in the procession - shaped columns, ensured public order, provided sound and visual materials.

The march followed from city hall to the state administration. Participants chanted slogans in defense of unborn children and for the family as a union between man and woman.

After the march, the prayer was held on the stage of the regional center’s square and short speeches were delivered by leaders of religious communities, representatives of churches. "Our Father" prayer was read by Bishop Fotiy of Zaporizhya and Melitopol of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church jointly with the march participants.

Donetsk Exarch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Stepan (Menyok) said that the purpose of the event was to awaken those sleeping, those who do not care.

Imam of Zaporizhya Muhammad Mamutov cited the Quran, saying that only God gives life and only He can take it back.

Pastor of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Father Ter Yusyk and other leaders of Churches said that family is a union between man and woman, the ultimate goal of the family is the birth and upbringing of children.

Bishop of the diocese of Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia of the Roman Catholic Church Yan Sobilo Yan presented to the march participants two large families, each of which have five children.

Director of the Department of Culture, Tourism, nationalities and religions of Zaporizhya Regional State Administration Vladislav Moroko thanked the Religious Council of Christian Churches Zaporizhya for coordinated organization of joint events and said: “It is a pleasure to see that the participants include people of all ages, families with children. Ukraine has a future and the future is children. Participants march and carried banners that were at the frontline. I congratulate all the people who have their own position and defend it freely.”

MP of Ukraine Igor Artyushenko, several participants of ATO, Paralympics champion Max Nikolenko (he is a parishioner of the church "Christ is the Answer") took part in the march.

The pastor of the Christian Church "Zion" Tatiana Yarmohina who coordinated the march organizers, said that the clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) also joined the action and participated in the march - they collected signatures in churches under the marchers’ appeal.

The main requirement of the appeal, which will be sent to the leadership of the country is to support the family as the union of man and woman. The appeal says that right now the family institution in Europe undergoing major transformational changes. But the countries such as Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Italy (EU members) demonstrate commitment to traditional family values.

The appeal of Zaporizhya participants of "March for Life" to the President of Ukraine, Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Ukraine, Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council, Head of Zaporizhzhya City Council reads:

“The main purpose of the march is to support the family as a union of man and woman, to prevent amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine.

We believe that everyone, including civil servants, journalists, priests have the right to traditional views on marriage and family, which among other things, comply with the legislation of Ukraine and we consider unacceptable that the label "homophobic" is a manifestation of discrimination and assault on freedom of expression, to which European partners are also oppose. We consider unacceptable the policy of double standards, which is contrary to Articles 34 and 35 of the Constitution of Ukraine, preferring one ideology (including gender) by rejecting any other beliefs, including on religion, marriage, family and sex.

Therefore, we demand as follows:

1) stop the process of amending the Constitution of Ukraine in the definition of marriage, which is a union of man and woman;

2) remove from the Labor Code and other laws, acts and government documents the phrases “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as those having purely ideological and unscientific purport and prevent their inclusion in the draft Labor Code of Ukraine that is now drafted for the second reading in the Parliament of Ukraine;

3) stop the government-approved action plan to implement the National Strategy on human rights for the period until 2020 aiming to legalize same-sex partnerships and normalize gay relations as sexual norms.”


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