Greek Catholics in Transcarpathia lost a third of donations from faithful

milan_sasik.gifCharitable donations from the faithful of Greek Catholic Church in Transcarpathia decreased threefold. This was stated by Bishop Milan Shashik during a press conference in Uzhgorod, as he spoke about financial capability of the diocese to restore the wall that crashed in front of the cathedral.

“I am very sorry to say this, but really all donations of our diocese last year fell one third. That is, all priests who had UAH 600 per week for their living, now have 200. This means that the church, like all our people, is now in a very difficult situation,” the bishop said.

“Unfortunately, there is a situation that we are just surviving. On the other hand I am very glad that not we are not rich because we suffer together with our people. So now I cannot say I am going to restore the wall, which went down, because I have no money,” said Bishop Milan.


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