Religious Administration for Crimean Tatars to be set up in Kyiv

Джемілєв.jpegIn Kyiv, the process of establishment of the Religious Administration of Crimea for the Crimean Tatars who moved to mainland Ukraine is underway. This was stated during a press conference at Ukrinform, Tuesday, October 6, by the MP, Commissioner to the President of Ukraine on the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev.

"The documentation and management structure of the new Religious Administration of Crimea are currently being developed,it will be located on mainland Ukraine. It is an independent association for the Crimean Tatars as the RAMU on the Crimean peninsula is under occupation,” he stressed.

According to him, the Religious Administration of Crimearemains under occupation and cannot fully represent the opinion of Crimea residents, as theyare to express only the occupiers’ view. Mustafa Dzhemilev said that a similar situation in Crimean religious environment emerged due to the establishment of TaurianMuftiyat.

“Taurian Muftiyat was created as a parallel structure, with which the occupants blackmailed the RAMU. An important role in its establishment was played by Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Tamim (RAMU Chairman –editor’s note). The RAMU leadershipwas forced to obey tonew laws, otherwise all their mosques and religious centers would have gone to the Muftiyat and would automatically belong to the Russian Federation,” said the deputy.

It should be added that in a recent interview with RISU Sheikh Tamim Ahmed denied information about the emergence of Taurian Muftiyat: "Our spiritual administration has not had and has nothing to do with the Taurian Muftiyat and we are not responsible for their decisions. Our principled position is non-use of religion for political purposes.”

As we have reported, on August 22, 2014 in Crimea the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea – Taurian Muftiyat was set up. This decision was taken at the Congress of Muslims held in Simferopol involving 100 delegates from different parts of the peninsula.

Ruslan Saitvaliyev was elected as Mufti, Enver Akhtemovas head of management board. Head of the Central Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Russia Mufti Talgat Tajuddin facilitated the establishment of the historical Muftiyat.


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