Patriarch Filaret and the Pope are trusted the most by Ukrainians


According to a survey conducted by “Rating” sociological group, the religious leaders that are most trusted by Ukrainians are Patriarch Filaret (40%) and Pope Francis (35%). The leaders of distrust are Patriarch Kirill of Moscow (39%) and Metropolitan Onufriy (25%). More than half of respondents do not know Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, Metropolitan Makariy (UAOC) and Patriarch Sviatoslav (UGCC).

Patriarch Filaret, Pope Francis, Patriarch Sviatoslav, Metropolitan Makariy are more trusted by inhabitants of the western regions, rural residents, Ukrainian speakers, and respondents with higher incomes.

Oppositely, Metropolitan Onufriy and Patriarch Kirill enjoy higher trust among the residents of southern and eastern regions, Russian speakers, with lower education and income levels.

At the same time, Patriarch Filaret (66%), Pope Francis (62%) and Archbishop Sviatoslav (57%) are most trusted in the west of the country. In the centre and in the south, Patriarch Filaret (38 and 40% respectively) and Pope Francis (26 and 37% respectively)proved to be the most trusted. In addition, the inhabitants of eastern regions have the most trust in Patriarch Filaret (22%).

Overall, western regions demonstrated better knowledge of all leaders of religious denominations represented in the survey and the central region –the worst. In eastern regions, there are the highest number of those who are hesitant about their attitude to the leaders of denominations. In addition, women and elderly respondents appeared to be more knowledgeable and showed more trust in the leaders of religious confessions.

Audience: Ukraine's population of 18 years and older. The sample is representative by age, sex, region and type of settlement. Sample size: 2,000 respondents. Inaccuracy is not more than 2.4%. Dates of survey: 3-13 June 2015


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