Crimean Mufti believes that ATR TV-channel will yet be on air

110599.gif-7.gifThe spiritual leader of Muslims of Crimea Hadji Emirali Ablayev wished on the last air of ATR TV channel to his people not to lose hope, despite everything, believe and pray to the Almighty Lord.

" Even a leaf will not fall from the tree without the will of God, people should know it well, so we must pray onto the Almighty to ask and believe that we will see ATR on air  again! .. Beautiful days must come!” writes Emirali Ablayev on the Facebook page of Crimean Muftiate.

On April 1, at midnight, as registration was denied by the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications, the world's Crimean TV channel ATR stopped its work. In addition to the channel, Lale TV channel and Leader and Meydan radio channels, which belong to the same holding, stopped their broadcasting. ATR General Director Elzara Islyamova told that she was denied the issuance of a Russian standard broadcasting license following the repeated submission of necessary documents.


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