Chabad Council Accuses Pro-Russian Organizations in Sevastopol of Nazism

469866-s.jpgThe council of the Jewish religious Chabad community in Sevastopol made ​​an official statement in which it accuses a number of political parties, organizations, and the media of “Nazi propaganda.”

The statement was released in response to a rally that was held by pro-Russian organizations near the synagogue that is under construction. The protesters say that Chabad is a sect, so the construction of their religious building should be stopped.

Chief Rabbi Benjamin Wolf Sevastopol admitted to reporters that initially he did not want to comment on the incidents.

“We did not want to draw attention to them. But now I want to take off their masks. They are fascists, exactly like the ones who previously slaughtered Jews. They are not needed in Sevastopol, which fought against the fascists,” said Wolf.

He rejected accusations that the Chabad movement is a sect, stating that the Chief Rabbis of Ukraine and Russia are members of this community.

“The Israeli embassies are using our communities to quickly resolve the issues. We help people spiritually and materially,” said Wolf.

The community’s spokesman Borys Nesterenko said that if the anti-Semitic speeches and articles about them in the Sevastopol media continue, the adherents of Chabad will appeal to law enforcement agencies and the courts with complaints about civic workers and journalists, NeFakt.info informs.


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