Ukrainian Woman from Lviv Region Sews Cassocks for New Pope

кравчиня.jpgHalyna Barshchovska of Horodok in the Lviv Oblast is one of the best tailors of an Italian tailors’ shop in Rome. This is where new cassocks for the next pope and cardinals are sewn, Religion in Ukraine reports.

Co-owner of the studio, Lorenzo Gammarelli, never regretted that he hired Halyna, because she, he says, is extremely hardworking. In 12 hours the tailor must sew a cassock and for this gets paid almost a thousand euros a month. For Rome it's not much, but the woman does not plan to return to Ukraine.

Halyna sewed clothes for Pope John Paul II, who had a special request for the cut. Benedict XVI, according to her, never requested anything particular for his clothes. “For the pontiff’s cassock and cape wool fabric with silk lining is used,” said the tailor.

In the studio three different sized Papal cassocks are being prepared, in case the pope will be a small, medium, or larger-sized man. Traditionally, the conclave cannot convene if the Vatican does not have three new cassocks.


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