Patriarch Sviatoslav: One Should Not Sell One's Vote During Election

Before the next parliamentary elections, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church will address the believers with a call not to sell their votes in favour of any candidate or party but to make a conscious choice for the sake of implementation of the Christian values. So said Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) in an interview to the Fifth Channel.

“We will not point to anyone to be voted for but will address our people with a request not to sell their votes. For anyone who seeks to buy votes cannot be a person who will build anything good in Ukraine,” he stated.

The Head of UGCC stressed that the election to the Parliament is an important, non-ordinary event and the future of each of us depends on it and, therefore, everyone should come to the precincts on the day of election.

“The election is not a secondary, superficial thing. For we will later bear responsibility for our choice. We know that Ukrainians are tired of democracy. But we are calling them to make their choice and not to escape from it. For not to make a choice is a great evil, a manifestation of civil immaturity,” said Patriarch Sviatoslav.

“We will call our citizens to choose a new independent Ukraine with their votes. That is we will address them with a call to become a Christian at the moment of voting. We should vote for the implementation of certain Christian values in our public and social life,” stressed the Head of UGCC.


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