Patriarch Lubomyr Opposes Transfer of Pochayiv and Kyiv Cave Monasteries to One Denomination

Любомир_(Гузар).jpgThe former head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Lubomyr (Husar) told journalists that is against the transfer of the Pochayiv and Kyiv Cave Monasteries to a particular denomination, a correspondent of the Tyznia reports.

“Places like the Kyiv or Pochayiv Monastery should be open to all Christians… One cannot assign them to anyone, transfer to anyone or privatize them. Or to say that it belongs to a particular denomination. It belongs to the Ukrainian nation, Ukrainian Church, even though, unfortunately, we are divided. Perhaps, we would get united again there as we stand next to each other,” said the archbishop.

“Even if, temporarily, we differ in our opinions and attitudes to each other, we are Christians in essence,” he added.

According to the archbishop, “we should preserve the national shrines, they belong to the whole nation and it does not matter who will look after them or clean their yards. It is important that every Ukrainian, a believing Christian, heir of the Kyiv Christendom should have free access and that there should be no privatization or confiscation.”

Let us remind that last January, deputies of the Supreme Council registered a bill proposing to transfer the Pochayiv and Kyiv Cave Monasteries to the ownership of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate.

The head of UGCC Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) opposed that initiative.


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