World's Largest Donut Mosaic Flavors Ukrainian Christmas

“I have attended other Guinness World Records mosaics but I’ve never seen anything like this with donuts,” commented the giant mosaic of 7,040 donuts (pampukh in Ukrainian) Jack Broadbank, official representative of the Guinness World Records. The creation that became a new Guinness World record was made in western Ukrainian city of Lviv as part of the Pampukh Festival, Worldwide News Ukraine informs.

It is hard to imagine Christmas holidays in Western Ukraine without the traditional pampukh. The city of Lviv turned the inevitable tradition into the Pampukh Festival, one of the biggest Christmas festivities the modern city has to offer.

This time the Pampukh Festival takes place in Lviv for the fifth year in a row. Every year the festival finds a way to surprise its visitors. For instance, in 2011 the local artists made the biggest pampukh in Ukraine. This year, however, the organizers of the festival had way more ambitious plans. They invited a representative of the Guinness World Records to witness and document the making of the new and original record – world’s biggest pampukh mosaic.

Traditionally, the Pampukh Festival features Christmas theater performances and contests. One of the contests is a Housewife Christmas Competition: the participants have to offer an exclusive recipe for Christmas pampukh. Another one is a pampukh eating contest celebrating the ability to consume the greatest number of tasty donuts within the shortest time.

When it comes to pampukh flavors, there is a vast selection, suitable for every palate. “In Lviv pampukh is way bigger than simply a Christmas dessert, because pampukh fillings such as rose, poppy seed, and grounded nuts can only be found here in Western Ukraine. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise that Pampukh Festival gathers guests from all over the world,” said Tetyana Pylypets, the host of the festival. “I really like the donut festival here because we don’t have anything like this in Ohio,” commented a visitor from the United States.
The organizers of the festival consider their event more than just a spectacular donut celebration. “Lviv’s Pampukh Festival is a platform for promotion of the traditional Ukrainian Christmas celebrations,” stated Olya Grenyuch, one of the festival’s organizers.


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