UOC-Moscow Patriarchate disassociates itself from tent church in front of Supreme Council

RUSINKA.jpgA representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate in the Supreme Council, Protopriest Vasylii Rusinka, reported to orthodoxy.org.ua that “тге Ukrainian Orthodox Church has nothing to do with the erection of the tent church and its dismantling.”

According to him, a communal company “Kyivblahoustrii” warned the senior priest and parish of the tent church of the sanitary condition of the adjacent territory. In addition, the company asked to register the tent church as a small architectural form in the appropriate institutions of the Kyiv City State Administration. Therefore, Protopriest Vasylii stressed that in view of the absence of reaction of the priest and community, it is not surprising that the tent church was dismantled.

Protopriest Vasylii also stressed that the UOC-MP filed no applications to state institutions as to the erection of the tent church.


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