Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine: Moving the Head of the UGCC to Kyiv will Facilitate Recognition of its Patriarchate

Nun.jpgKYIV — The Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine believes that moving the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to Kyiv will facilitate the recognition of the patriarchate of that church. Ivan Jurkovich, the nuncio, expressed this in an interview to Week news agency. RISU’s Ukrainian-language web site posted this story on January 22, 2010.

In response to a question about the patriarchate of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Apostolic Nuncio answered: “Pope John Paul II once said to Greek Catholic bishops that their church had was entitled to a patriarchate and that he would pray for the UGCC to become ready. Now, Pope Benedict XVI has taken it under his personal control. Only he can say when this will happen.  Let me only note that the presence of the supreme archbishop of the UGCC in Kyiv changed the issue for better. The world began to view that church in a completely different way.”


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