UGCC bishop presents information on war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine to French Conference of Catholic bishops

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Борис.jpegOn March 15, a meeting of the Conference of Bishops of France was held with participation of the Eparch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Paris Borys (Gudziak).


During the general discussion at the plenary meeting, Bishop Borys (Gudziak) presented the information about the war in Ukraine to French episcopate and spoke about aggravation of the humanitarian crisis.


 “French bishops were deeply moved by the information about two million IDPs, daily shootings and almost daily casualties among the military, and  that Ukraine, which has been in a difficult situation already for two years and whose population has been radically impoverished, is patient in adversity. The bishops were surprised to hear the statistic that Ukraine, with a budget 45 times less than the budget of Germany, and nearly half the population, accepted two million of internal migrants, while Germany accepted 1.1 million refugees,” said Bishop Borys.


He thanked the European Catholics, Christians and all people of good will who showed solidarity with the refugees - both in the Middle East, and with Ukraine and asked to continue work in this direction.

“The Bishops of the Conference took a great interest in the meeting of the Head of UGCC Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) and the Permanent Synod of Bishops with Pope Francis held in early March. In the coming days I will have the opportunity to speak about the situation in Ukraine and the role of churches in more detail,” said the Eparch of Paris. This was reported by the press service of the UGCC Diocese in Paris.

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    • Josephus | 29 July 2016, 12:37

      "Помісна церква" існує незалежно від бажання чи небажання (навіть ввс) будь якої людини, бо цього бажає її Голова Ісус Христос

    • Josephus | 29 July 2016, 12:35

      "протизаконна фраза" - а може гандзя протизаконна, бо вона відділена від держави по конституції? а лізе куди її не просять

    • OLesja | 29 July 2016, 10:07

      11 октября 2015, воскресенье, 13:25 "В Москве состоялся съезд россиян, воевавших на востоке Украины (фото) В субботу Москве прошел первый съезд "Союза добровольцев Донбасса" -

    • OLesja | 29 July 2016, 10:01

      Как заявил Гиркин, «На Донбассе война была запущена нами, и первые выстрелы произвели мы. ... формально именно наши действия стали началом здесь военной кампании. Соответственно, я несу за это свою

    • Игил | 29 July 2016, 08:51

      "На відміну від онухрія, Філарет"_"підтримує агресора"! Підтимує силовий варіант боротьби з хаосом в Україні,до якого привів Майдан! Саме Філарет літав до америкосів просити

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