UGCC Head Says World’s Non-Interference in Situation in Ukraine Could Trigger New Cold War

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If the United States and Europe abandon Ukraine or if they do not adopt a proactive policy, humanity may well be on the verge of a new Cold War, Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, said on the program Chas Time in Washington.

The host, Myroslava Gongadze, asked the patriarch how he felt after meeting with U.S. officials and what they are willing to do to resolve the situation in Ukraine.


“We tried to explain that what is happening in Ukraine sooner or later will affect every American. This is not something that only concerns Ukraine or Europe. It is about the future of democracy in Europe, Eastern Europe, even Russia. If the U.S. and Europe abandon Ukraine or do not adopt a proactive policy, humanity may well be on the verge of a new Cold War,” said the head of the church.

In answering the question of whether the United States has a proactive policy, the patriarch said, “I think it is preparing for it. And the truth about Ukraine, the current events, the danger of aggression, violence, and interference from our northern neighbor hopefully will push them to have one,” said the head of the church.

He said that the religious denominations in Ukraine have expressed their willingness to be mediators and peacemakers, for today in Ukraine no one wants a violent confrontation, no one wants war. “They push war on us, but Ukrainians want peace. Therefore, the only alternative to force to resolve the conflict is dialogue. Peaceful resistance, peaceful protest – this is the key to the future of Ukraine,” said the head of the UGCC, the Information Department of the UGCC reports.

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    • murkos | 6 May 2015, 08:00

      В редакцию поступил текст послания Священного Кинота Святой Горы Константинопольскому Патриарху Варфоломею. Письмо, посвящённое визиту Римского папы в Константинополь в ноябре 2014 года,

    • murkos | 6 May 2015, 07:58

      так что уважаемый Дамиан(Таврический)может со своим словоблудием идти и целовать ручки папе римскому,авторитет которого он признает! подобное тянется к подобному... Дамиа-а-а-н! Чао!

    • murkos | 6 May 2015, 07:51

      Выслушав митрополита Митрофана, один из членов делегации, митрополит Сасимский Геннадий (Константинопольский патриархат) сказал: «Вы упомянали о киевском патриархате. В нашей Церкви мы не называем

    • Михаил | 5 May 2015, 21:50

      В "частном" порядке? Ну-ну! Поэтому "упц кп" и является не Церковью, а частной конторой Денисенко. И не надо выдавать желаемое за действительное.

    • Дамиан Таврический | 5 May 2015, 19:50

      Сам ты напёрсточник и интриган! УПЦ КП давно уже в частном порядке признали архиереи других поместных Церквей. Они давно вместе служат с "КаПэшниками" и говорят: "Вы много ждали -

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