Rep of UOC-MP Warns UOC-KP That Celebration of Rus Baptism Anniversary Will Be Led by Patriarch Kirill

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Reps of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) stress that the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Kyivan Rus will be celebrated according to the church rules stipulating that joint services and celebrations with “schismatics” are impossible, the Press Secretary of the head of UOC-MP Protopriest Heorhii Kovalenko said in a comment to UNIAN on the recent statement Patriarch Filaret of the Kyivan Patriarchate made on Channel 5.

According to the UOC-MP spokesman, the 1025th Anniversary of the Baptism of Kyivan Rus is primarily a church holiday. “At the same time, the church jubilee will be celebrated by the Ukrainian state which considers itself the successor of the Kyivan Rus. The church celebrations will be conducted according to the church rules and traditions and the protocol of the state celebrations will be prepared by the appropriate state institutions,” noted the protopriest.

He also explained that Patriarch Kirill of Moscow will participate in the jubilee celebrations “as the head of ROC [editor: Russian Orthodox Church] which traces back its history to the Church of the Kyivan Rus, and as the successor of the Kyivan metropolitans who moved from Kyiv to the east in certain historic conditions.”

"The church celebration of the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus, which is to be attended by representatives of all the Local Orthodox Churches of the world, will be led by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr," said the  UOC-MP spokesman. 

The protopriest reminded that “during the celebration of the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus, even under President Yushchenko, there were no meetings of His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and Patriarch Alexis of Moscow, who attended the events, with representatives of the schismatic groups in Ukraine, such as UOC-KP and UAOC.”  He stressed that “it is not because the Orthodox do not respect representatives of other denominations or religions but because we continue to consider the schismatics our brethren and expect their return to the unity with the holy Orthodoxy.”

According to him, the “statements of the leaders of the Kyiv Patriarchate are made to appeal to a politically engaged and non-church audience.”

Patriarch Filaret, head of the Kyivan Patriarchate, on March 16 stated on a program of Channel 5 that the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Kyivan Rus “is a state-church holiday and that the celebration will be attended by the Moscow Patriarchate, Kyiv Patriarchate, Greek Catholic Church and Roman Catholic Church and other churches. It is our Ukrainian holiday. It is about the baptism of Kyivan Rus and not the Moscow one. There was no Moscow at that time, and therefore it is too early for them to celebrate.”

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  • pavloosh | 23 March 2013, 13:30
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    And who put the UOC-MP in charge? Bt the way, does the UOC-MP consider the UGCC schismatic?

  • alexx | 21 March 2013, 10:31
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    Заяви протоієрея Георгія Коваленко сповнені лише самої любови і співпереживання про долю "розкольників". Тільки от забув і мабуть не примітив що саме розкололо Церкву в Україні...- "Харківський собор" який згідно канонів називається самочинним збіговиськом. Думаю що час розставить усі крапки в історії, і хто ким і чим керувався у своїх мудруваннях

    • Михаил | 21 March 2013, 20:50
      comment comment

      Когда же вы уже научитесь думать головой, а не повторять враньё Денисенко? Если Харьковский Собор был незаконным, значит представители всех Поместных Православных церквей должны были бы признать "Патриарха Филарета" законным патриархом, а Митрополита Владимира - самозванцем, и на 1025-летие Крещения приехать к "Патриарху Филарету", а не Митрополиту Владимиру. Только вашего "патриарха" никто даже в прихожую не пускает и брезгуют с ним общаться, чтобы не испачкаться!

  • Sergiy Diachuk | 20 March 2013, 12:57
    comment comment

    ...Сам Господь забороняє апостолам чипати того мандрівного вчителя ,що такж проповідує в І"я Боже і оздоровляє! А Ви кажите традиця,приписи,протокол...

  • Sergiy Diachuk | 20 March 2013, 12:40
    comment comment

    в Євангелії є уривок де апостоли приходять до Христа і розповідають ,що паралельно з Ним ходить якийсь інший раві людей повчає і оздоровляє і учні просять заборонити ,але Христос забороняє.Питання -чому?."Бережіться закваски фарисейської та садукейської!"

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  • Marko | 17 September 2014, 12:14

    In criticising West Ukraine for being paranoid of Russia, you yourself exhibit quite a deal of your own paranoia with respect to West-Ukraine.

  • mijswerdna | 17 September 2014, 11:53

    Propaganda and counter-propaganda. I can say with near certainty that if Kirill and Filaret were suddenly thrust before the Almighty, He would say, "I don't know either of you. You are equally

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  • mijswerdna | 17 September 2014, 09:50

    pavloosh, on the contrary, west Ukraine is so paranoid of Russia that it lends itself as an instrument of greater western imperialism- to provoke and antagonize Russia. Wake up. The Soviet Union is

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