In Lviv, a new church for a military chaplainship to be consecrated on the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple

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01-022.jpg-fff.jpgOn February 15, the military chaplainship church of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple of the UGCC (1 Baturin street) is to be consecrated. The Divine Liturgy, which will start at 9.00 am., will be led by His Eminence Igor (Voznyak), Archbishop and Metropolitan of Lviv of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. This was reported by Chaplaincy website.

The temple was built at the initiative of Afghan Veterans of Lviv near the monument to fallen soldiers in 1979-1989. In memory of soldiers who died in Afghanistan during the Revolution of Dignity – the Maidan, as well as soldiers who gave away their lives in the conflict of ATO zone in eastern Ukraine.

Founders and benefactors of the church are veterans, residents of Lviv and Lviv, businessmen. A considerable portion of the funds for the construction were allocated from the funds of the Center of Military Chaplaincy of the UGCC.




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    • erinms | 20 February 2017, 18:48

      There is little doubt that the ROC is an agent of the Russian KGB, or whatever name they now use. How can this church called itself Christian when they promote hatred and discord? A more appropriate

    • Леонтій | 20 February 2017, 11:06

      У такий спосіб, слідом за окупацією й анексією РФ Криму, кремлівська верхівка (і якраз напередодні календарного євангельського читання про Страшний суд!), по суті й змісту цих своїх дій, ОФІЦІЙНО

    • Fr. Valerii | 18 February 2017, 18:31

      І за тиждень по конференції, 18.02.2017 Президент РФ В. Путін підписав Указ «О признании в Российской Федерации документов и регистрационных знаков транспортных средств, выданных гражданам Украины и

    • Michal Holdowich | 17 February 2017, 18:00

      «І ЩО ТУТ ДУЖЕ ДИВНОГО …» Можливо, для когось і не дивно … ??? Натомість для мене, як священика РКЦ, це супер справа … Це дійство проголошування Доброї Новини – Євангелія! ВІТАЮ ВАС ВСЕЧЕСНИЙ О.

    • pavloosh | 15 February 2017, 22:45

      What a waste of time and energy. The Russian Orthodox Church shows no charity towards anyone. Their church leaders are stubborn, ignorant unChristian hypocrits.

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